Warburton (Egertonwarburton), Rowland Eyles Egerton

Warburton (Egertonwarburton), Rowland Eyles Egerton
(aka "Rambling Richard")
   Born at Moston, near Chester, he was educated at Eton College and Corpus Christi College, Oxford. His clergyman father married the heiress of Sir Peter Warburton, of Arley Hall, Cheshire. Warburton made his life's work the care of the huge estate and the rebuilding of Arley Hall. Known affectionately as "the poet laureate of the hunting field," many of his poems are about the countryside and fox hunting. For the last seventeen years of his life he was totally blind from glaucoma. He died at Arley Hall, which is the now the home of the 11th Viscount Ashbrook, a direct descendant. Some of his publications: Poems, 1833. Hunting Songs and Miscellaneous Verses, 1846 (eighth edition, 1887). Epigrams and Humorous Verses, 1867. Poems, Epigrams and Sonnets, 1877. Songs and Verses on Sporting Subjects, 1879. Twenty-Two Sonnets, 1883. Counsel for Cottagers and a Looking-Glass for Landlords, 1887. Some of his poems: "Farmer Dobbin," "Riding to Hounds," "The Blooming Evergreen," "The Mare and Her Master," "The Roebuck at Toft," "The Stranger's Story."
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